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Trust matters. That's why we prioritize our partnerships with you and the 5,000+ publishers and 50+ direct SSPs relationships we maintain.

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3.2 Premium partnerships

Premium partnerships

We have direct partnerships with industry-leading SSPs, publishers, brand safety and data vendors. Together, they help us deliver a cross-channel TV advertising platform that's simple and powerful for all of our clients, from auto industry giants to your local donut shop.

3.1 Simplified supply path

Simplified supply path

Yes, we've optimized the supply path; no, you're not dreaming. By shortening this clunky process, we help everyone save time and money (win-win-win). Our consolidated adtech platform plugs in directly where needed and takes requests straight to our own ad server.

3.3 A flexible fit for unique demand

A flexible fit for unique demand

One size does not fit all, so we work directly with advertisers and suppliers to configure new products and solidify contracts. We can run 20,000+ CTV campaigns simultaneously and with granularity across all American OTT households, giving us unique demand and you a number of parameters.

Supplier? Data partner? Want to work together, or just say hi? Drop us a line.