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The future of TV is here: full-stack programmatic advertising engineered for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Adtech Outsiders in a New Wave of TV

Madhive is the leading tech company engineered for modern TV advertising. We're shaking up the status quo to better serve local and national broadcasters, agencies and brands.

A Platform with Purpose


Engineered for modern TV advertising

One operating system, infinite opportunities. Customize and automate the buying/selling process with our self-service platform, uniquely built to reach audiences with scale and precision. Plan, target, activate, and measure campaigns with our proprietary bidder and device graph, specifically tuned for CTV.

National scale-local precision

Where national scale meets local precision

Local CTV advertising is the hardest problem to solve—so we started there and became experts in high-fidelity campaigns that find and scale niche, needle-in-a-haystack audiences. Our granular view gives us unparalleled insight into the streaming advertising landscape. Through real-time machine learning, we gain intelligence on intricate bidding patterns to help match the right content and audiences to increase campaign effectiveness.


Simple and customizable

With Madhive you can go further, faster—no ad ops experience necessary. Through our customized platform you'll have the ability to manage forecasting, activation and measurement. Other adtech platforms promise the world, falling short without delivering measurable results. With us, you'll be in control, backed by our expertise and future-proofed technology.

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Reshape TV advertising with us.

We're a team of makers who are dedicated to modernizing adtech. We celebrate our differences and share a passion for our community. We're hiring across the US now.