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We bring the power of the internet to IP-delivered television so TV buyers can navigate the new wave of television.

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What You Get

inclusive solution

All-inclusive solution

We custom-built on our own technology—like a proprietary bidder, device graph and pre-sales planner. Our Infrastructure as a Servicestreamlines campaign planning, buying, and measurement to give you better returns.

full-stack ad tech

Optimal efficiency

We built our tech stack from the ground up. Our modular UI comes with standard and custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with your technology and team. Reduce fraud, waste, and platform hops while improving data fluency and performance.

customized support

Custom collaboration

We support and scale every team—from ad-ops to agency, brand to sales—with customized products for all levels of digital TV maturity. As your partners in TV advertising technology, we build with your success in mind, from launch through product development.

Our Platform

1.1 Next-gen decision engine

Next-gen decision engine

Meet Roger, our OTT bidder and next-gen decisioning engine. Built from the ground up to lock in unprecedented scale, speed, and campaign control, Roger helps us see and analyze 200 billion CTV/OTT requests per day. Every data point is reported in real-time to increase audience accuracy and campaign efficiency, reduce costs, and improve performance.

1.2 Identity data solutions

Identity data solutions

Viewer data comes in and refreshes within our proprietary OTT identity device graph, providing the most accurate picture of a modern, interconnected household. That's how we deliver highly accurate, high-fidelity campaigns mapped to 100 million OTT households. Control for household frequency, publisher, and device caps across channels and devices.

1.3 Pre-sales planner

Pre-sales planner

Ask our clients and they'll tell you: our audience planner is one of our best features. Build RFPs, adjust audiences for better results, adjust dayparting—however you choose to optimize your programmatic campaign, we'll deliver the most accurate prediction.

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