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The outsiders simplifying ad tech. The innovators shaking up streaming. The fearless, formidable, and fun. They're here, and they have helped make us the leading tech company engineered for modern TV advertising that sets TV free.

Our Story

How we opened a portal to TV's widest and deepest stream, one milestone at a time.

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Our Values

Make Maverick Moves

Make Maverick Moves

Risk takers. Bold leaders. Boundless thinkers. We value talent over experience and celebrate courageous decisions.

Deliver The Good

Deliver The Good

It’s not enough to be great on the job; we have to be gracious within our communities. So we step up, get out, and make waves.

Hero Your Partners

Hero Your Partners

Strong opinions loosely held — that’s how we lead with empathy and expertise. Humility and honesty. We’re reliable teammates, here for the “we,” not the “me.”

Awards & Accolades

Built In Best Places to Work Award 2024
TVOT Most Significant Technology - Infrastructure
Group 10464
hottest adtech company 2022
Built in NYC Startups To Watch 2022
Built in NYC Best Places to Work 2022
Cynopsis Best Local Advertising Solution 2021
TVOT Achievement in Local Broadcasting

Memberships & Accreditations

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We're a team of makers who are dedicated to modernizing adtech. We celebrate our differences and share a passion for our community. We're hiring across the US now.