Political Ads Are Streaming Into America

Political Ads Are Streaming Into America
By Stephanie Nerby, VP, Marketing
March 08, 2024

If you talk to political buyers, they will tell you two things: TV advertising works to get out the vote and the smaller the population center, the harder it is to reach key voting blocs. This is often because small markets have limited broadcast and TV inventory. 

This is why VIZIO, Roku, and Hulu are pushing into local streaming. It’s also why networks are diversifying their broadcast buyers with streaming “reach extension”-- which enables buyers to find audiences in suburban areas via streaming across multiple services.

Madhive, which provides the streaming infrastructure powering CTV advertising and reach extensive for local broadcasters like Fox, Scripps and Hearst has provided us with a few indicators from a large sample size comprising all zip code activity in the U.S. A few quick findings:

The political races driving the most CTV ad impressions were:

  • Congressional 76.8% 

  • Local 16.6% (sheriffs, judges, etc)

  • Presidential 5.7%

  • Gubernatorial 1.0% (one Lt. Governor - second in command)

Political heat map

As the map shows, dollars were scattered across the U.S. in distinct markets. 

The top congressional districts for CTV ad impressions were:

  • New York's Congressional District 03

  • Illinois's Congressional District 12

  • Ohio's Congressional District 02

  • Texas's Congressional District 31

  • New York's Congressional District 04

  • Texas's Congressional District 22

  • Florida's Congressional District 02