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September 18, 2022

TV broadcaster debuts streaming advertising platform, achieves 600% revenue growth


Revenue growth


Increase in advertisers


Impressions served

The Challenge

Seize the CTV opportunity

This broadcaster acquired an ad-supported streaming service as a foray into streaming. They were looking for a way to reach the rapidly-growing audience across their streaming service and their owned networks. The company was also competing against cable and radio companies for local ad dollars.

They saw a significant opportunity to evolve with modern viewing behaviors and reach new audiences — like cord cutters and cord nevers — by extending their reach into streaming television. So they decided to seize it.

The Solution

Customized CTV suite launches the broadcaster forward

To provide their advertisers the best of what CTV has to offer, the company teamed up with Madhive's CTV platform to create a custom suite of tools to manage supply, demand, and data.

The platform opened up access to extensive inventory — across all of the company’s major broadcast properties, local stations and streaming service — as well as the broader streaming world.

Precise targeting at scale

With the media company’s new platform, advertisers can onboard their first-party data and then use Madhive’s CTV device graph to find their customers in the streaming world. They can also enrich their audience insights with privacy-compliant data solutions from top-tier third-party providers (like Inscape and LiveRamp). 

This approach has shown meaningful results for political advertisers at both local and national levels, since these advertisers often aim to target voter lists in specific geographies. In fact, this media company delivered targeted streaming ads for the 2020 presidential election.

Optimal viewer experiences across channels

With synergy across all inventory, advertisers can create global frequency caps and frequency targets that limit and adjust how many times each viewer sees a specific ad (whether on an affiliate station, streaming service, or other channel). They can also run creative sequencing across the media company’s platforms, tracking what each viewer has seen and evolving messaging throughout the buyer’s journey.

Ultra granular attribution

Advertisers know exactly how well each campaign performs, thanks to accurate website, footfall, and linear attribution. They can clearly determine who saw each ad — and which of these people then makes a purchase (online and in store). This helps advertisers improve their returns and reduce waste by ensuring we reach the right audience each time.

For example, a leading quick service restaurant brand used the company’s footfall attribution to measure CTV performance in four key markets. Out of all the people that saw the brand’s CTV ads, the fast-food chain could see which people then visited a restaurant location. They also had data on which creative, publishers, dates, etc. worked best to get diners into their restaurants.

This approach also works for local advertisers like legal firms and auto dealerships.

The Solution

Premium CTV offering attracts large holding companies

Launching streaming advertising had a major financial impact for the broadcasting company, rocketing their year-over-year revenue up by 600%.

But as an innovative, one-stop CTV shop, the business also realized another major benefit. They went from a light CTV presence to contracting with large agencies and holding companies for some of their most prominent clients. 

  • 600% revenue growth
  • 3X increase in advertisers
  • 1.8 billion impressions served