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June 13, 2022

Hyper-local CTV campaign generates serious holiday sales for CBD skincare brand




Shopping Sessions


Sales in key DMAs

The Challenge

Reach new customers in a heavily-regulated industry

Cannaluxe—an up-and-coming DTC brand—partnered with Neiman Marcus to sell their luxury CBD skincare products at select Neiman Marcus stores.

As their first foray into retail, Cannaluxe needed to knock it out of the park.

The brand wanted to drive sales in advance of the holiday season—especially in the markets where Neiman Marcus carries Luxe products.

Unfortunately, social media was off limits (due to legal restrictions on CBD). Cannaluxe needed another strategy to target hyper-local audiences with full-funnel campaigns they could accurately report on.

“As social saturation sets in, DTC brands are migrating to emerging channels to not only find new customers, but understand and prove out ROI. This campaign shows the capabilities of CTV, successfully allowing us to drive new customer awareness, acquisition and sales.”

Brad Tipper

Brand Founder, Cannaluxe

The Solution

Shoppable CTV ads reach just the right people—in just the right locales

Cannaluxe launched in 21 Neiman Marcus stores. The luxury skincare brand worked with Madhive to stream commercials with an embedded QR code to cannabis-friendly audiences nearby. The QR code was a direct-response vehicle that drove viewers to a Neiman Marcus landing page with the Cannaluxe offer.

Hyper-local targeting

Using Madhive’s Audience Forecaster, Cannaluxe was able to target local households and optimize household ad exposure—for the most effective ad experience.

Privacy-compliant audience insights

Madhive also integrated privacy-compliant data that allowed Cannaluxe to geo-target cannabis and CBD consumers in their selected markets.

Premium CTV inventory

The campaign generated 10 million impressions across premium CTV services including ESPN, FX, AMC, Food Network, Bravo, and HGTV.

Real-time optimization

Using Madhive’s in-flight campaign recommendations, Cannaluxe was able to double down in high-performing markets like Texas—which drove 3.4x sales than other DMAs.

The Results

Huge direct response for new DTC brand

The CTV campaign generated over 10M impressions and drove 150K online shopping sessions for Cannaluxe. But beyond ecommerce, Neiman Marcus also saw an influx of in-store purchases at target locations.

  • 10M+ impressions
  • 150K shopping sessions
  • 3.4X sales in key DMAs