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September 19, 2022

Leading local station group overhauls their OTT adtech infrastructure


Increase in profit margins


Reduction in costs


Decrease in average on-boarding time

The Challenge

Adopt a modern advertisement technology stack

A leading local station group was looking to get into streaming advertising. They were monetizing their owned and operated content on another adtech platform, but searching for a more cost-efficient and transparent solution.

They wanted to find a partner that would let them onboard their first-party data. The platform that they were using obfuscated exactly which publishers their ads were running on through their DSP

They wanted to cut costs and improve efficiency by consolidating partners, while collapsing their tech stack and eliminating fraud.

The Solution

Modern advertising technology enables efficiency while reducing maintenance costs

The adtech ecosystem has a lot of moving parts and creating a functional programmatic tech stack has a relatively high learning curve. This local station group partnered with Madhive to build a future proof solution that allows for ease of use, improved transparency and apparent outcomes. 

Customizable One-Stop Shop 

The broadcaster's largest concern was transitioning such a large enterprise to a new infrastructure and navigating that as an organization. In partnership with Madhive, custom tech builds and modifiable dashboards were built into one centralized intuitive UI, letting them plan, buy and measure all in one place. Madhive technology was directly integrated with their OMS to streamline workflows and reduce duplicative work across the board. By doing this, budget recommendations became much more accurate and proposal turn around times were expedited.  

Publisher Transparency 

With access to over 5000+ publishers and 50+ direct SSPs, including all premium TV networks and vMVPDs, the broadcaster had full transparency where their ads were running across devices, geolocations, and individual publisher weighting.

Premium Controls

By leveraging coverage of 100% of metro areas, access to over 300 billion monthly bidstream avails, and a platform built for programmatic, Madhive makes it possible to find needle-in-a-haystack consumers in local markets. The broadcaster was introduced to controls for household frequency capping, publisher caps per line item/campaign, and device caps to ensure the integrity of their buys. 

Advanced Insights 

Having technology that integrated so seamlessly into the broadcasters existing workflows provided the best of both linear and digital planning. Madhive made it easy to use AI-driven recommendations and custom control settings while having advanced insights such as foot traffic, pixel attribution, and OTT linear overlap. 

Fraud Prevention

In the current digital advertising ecosystem, fraud is a major concern for a broadcaster of this scale. Madhive’s pre-bid fraud solution eliminated waste, provided supertags guaranteeing impression provenance, and assessed areas of risk.

The Results

Full-stack programmatic advertising engineered for today, tomorrow, and beyond

In partnership with Madhive, this local station group cemented their lead. They were able to effectively transition to an entirely new adtech infrastructure, while allowing their organization to continuously scale. 

By transforming their workflows, the broadcaster achieved an estimated 36% cost savings by consolidating data and attribution partners, leveraging O&O, and bypassing SSP fees. With a collapsed tech stack, improved visibility and best-in-class sales enablement support,  averageon-boarding time decreased by 70%. Overall, all of these improvements in efficiency led to improved profit margins of 23%.

  • 23% increase in profit margins
  • 36% reduction in costs 
  • 70% decrease in average on-boarding time