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The modern video advertising solution built to reach modern audiences.

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Plan for better performance that delivers your business outcomes.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Leverage MadHive's proprietary, OTT-first Device Graph for precise cross-device audience targeting.

  • Simplify Planning

    Accurately predict reach to improve results with MadHive’s proprietary Audience Forecaster.

  • AI Optimized & Self-Regulated Frequency

    Turn on AI for optimal frequency and day-parting, or manually control your campaign’s reach and frequency.

  • Scalable Inventory

    MadHive meets all your national and local campaign needs from linear to addressable, OTT, CTV, and premium video.

  • Target with confidence

    Activate cryptographically-verified data for the most up-to-date targeting - and easily integrate your own data sets (DMP, first-party data, third-party data).



Boost campaign performance with in-flight recommendations.

  • Smart Buying

    Eliminate fraudulent supply from your campaigns with MadHive Secure OTT, our cryptographic validation solution.

  • Cryptographic Fraud Protection

    Our decisioning engine outsmarts the competition, delivering the right audience at the best price, with perfect pacing across all channels.

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization

    Consumers are always on the go. Other systems take weeks to calibrate their data, causing large gaps in your audience targeting. MadHive’s proprietary real-time technology instantly identifies coverage gaps, giving your campaigns a first-look advantage.

  • Real Time Decisioning

    Actionable in-flight recommendations make campaign optimization easy.



Actionable insights help you optimize your campaigns in real-time.

  • Measure and Recalibrate

    Real-time campaign insights enable quick decisions. Recalibrate your campaigns manually or activate Smart Calibration and watch the results in real time.

  • Radical Transparency

    Cryptographically verified measurement & performance analysis reduces costs and increases efficiency. MadHive has partnered with AdLedger to build CryptoRTB, a first-of-its-kind initiative to create a transparent supply chain.

  • Cross-Channel Reach & Frequency Reporting

    Powered by our partnerships with glass-level data providers including Inscape, MadHive instantly reports and actions on your “true reach” and “true frequency."



Our AI optimizes for results. Period.

  • Improve in-flight with one click

    MadHive recommends pacing and targeting improvements in real-time. Activate with one click.

  • Forecasting

    Improve your forecasts with easy-to-use recommendations based on historical analysis.

  • Intelligent Targeting

    Leverage MadHive’s proprietary Audience Graph to deliver precise cross-device targeting.

  • Real-Time Experiments

    Your audience is moving, move with them. Quickly discover new, qualified audiences with real-time audience experiments.

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